Click the links below to access the Resources pages where you will find a cornucopia of things to help in teaching classically. For starters, there are articles from the likes of Dorothy Sayers, Douglas Wilson, R.C. Sproul, Jr. and others. There are links to other sites related to Classical education, downloads for Veritas Press materials updates, and the Veritas Press Curriculum Guide. Stop in regularly to see what gets added.  



Below you will find links for items related to our comprehension guides.

  Answers to Projects in the Hobbit Guide
The Hobbit Comprehension Guide does not include answers to the projects. Click this link for those answers.

Misty of Chincoteague Errata
Some questions and answers from chapters 17 and 18 are missing at the end of the guide. The missing text is provided here.


Squalls Before War Projects
Even after filling a whole comprehension guide with great study helps, Ned has more exciting projects to enrich your experience with Squalls Before War.

  Treasure Island Corrections
Some Treasure Island Guides have missing pages in the Answers at the end. This PDF includes all the answer pages.