Click the links below to access the Resources pages where you will find a cornucopia of things to help in teaching classically. For starters, there are articles from the likes of Dorothy Sayers, Douglas Wilson, R.C. Sproul, Jr. and others. There are links to other sites related to Classical education, downloads for Veritas Press materials updates, and the Veritas Press Curriculum Guide. Stop in regularly to see what gets added.  



Below are Free Helps listed in past editions of our epistula newsletter.

Activities on U.S. Government
Let your children test their knowledge of government with these activities.
Advent Wreath History and Services
Discover the meaning of the Advent wreath.
All Saint's Day - Martin Luther Report
A fun report form for a study on Martin Luther and All Saint's Day.
Back to School Recipes
Help your children start their school days off right with these fun breakfast recipes.
Backyard Discoveries and Investiations Record Book
Record book for fun days learning and discovering in the backyard.
Book List Journal
Put together a journal that you could use to record books that your children have read.
Child's Cookbook
Let your child make their own cookbook, with fun recipes and blank recipe pages.
Christian Character Chart
This Chrirstian Character Chart will help you to make Character priority for your children to work on.
Christmas Lap Book
Use this lap book to see the birth of Christ from a different perspective.
Christmas Ornaments
Christmas ornament projects that you might enjoy making with your family.
Color and Print Bookmarks
Create unique and colorful bookmarks to help keep reading fun.
Columbus Coloring Page
Use this coloring page for studies on Columbus and Columbus Day.
Create an Early Spring Garden
Can't wait for spring? Has winter kept you indoors for too long? Get a jump start on the growing season with this fun and easy early spring garden project.
Creative Grammar Stage Teaching Handouts
Fun ideas to help maintain interesting teaching methods.
Draw George Washington
Art activity using one of the most famous paintings of our first president.
Drawing Activities
Practice your artistic skill through these drawing projects.
Easter Egg Paintings
Not your typical Easter egg fact, it's actually the other way around.
Epiphany Coloring Page
Coloring page to celebrate Epiphany.
Family History Projects
Help your children learn about their familie's history with this fun project.
Father's Day Cards
Create unique and personalized cards for Father's Day.
Fourth of July Projects
More fun projects for Independence Day.
Last Supper Coloring Pages
Three different renderings of the Last Supper for your artists to color.
Lives of Famous Artists Unit Study
Short unit study on the lives of the famous artists.
Mother's Day Card
Creative ideas for a personalized Mother's Day card.
Movie Night Activities
Our graphic designer, Ned Bustard, has created some fun activities for you to use on your family movie nights. Enjoy.
Nature Walk Crafts
Projects inspired by treasures you may pick up on a nature walk.
Nursery Rhyme Fun
Activies for young ones with Mother Goose.
Paper Bag Costumes
Use these easy ideas to create fun and historical costumes.
Patriotic Poetry
Independence Day poetry activites.
Pentecost Feast Recipes
Recipes to plan a wonderful and exciting Pentecost feast.
Reformation Day Coloring Pages
Color these pages to celebrate Reformation Day and Christian heroes of the Reformation.
Road Trip Games
Fun activites to keep your children entertained during a long road trip.
Shakespeare Projects
Short unit study on the Bard of Avon.
Teaching History Handouts
Creative ideas for teaching history at various levels.
Thanksgiving Projects
Festive projects for family fun themed around Thanksgiving.
Valentine's Day Coloring Pages
Who was St. Valentine? Discuss and learn with these coloring pages.
Valentine's Day Pop-Up Cards
Create your own unique Valentine's Day cards.
Work and Play Countdown to Sunday
Keep your children excited and prepared for Sunday all week long.