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Omnibus is the classical Christian educational answer to history, theology, and literature.

Omnibus is a Latin term meaning "all encompassing." Completing this Omnibus I Primary course will provide a full credit of English (Ancient Literature I). Students who continue on to complete Omnibus I Secondary will earn additional credits in Ancient World History I and Doctrine and Theology I. Combining these disciplines will have students grow in their appreciation of the unity of all knowledge, and all the material is taught through a biblical, Christian worldview.

In this dynamic self-paced format, the video lessons lead the student through the study of the great works from the dawn of time to the fall of Rome, teaching with the emphasis on ideas, not simply information. Through interactive exercises, games, expert interviews and attached text reading assignments, students will gain mastery of facts as well as deep understanding of broader concepts as well as themselves.

In addition to great works of literature, students completing all six years of Omnibus will also have carefully studied every book of the Bible in the process.


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