History is not something Jesus merely entered. It is not something He merely conquered. It is instead, all of it, from east to west, from beginning to end, His story ... Pages of History does magnificently what the best books usually do but poorly, tells us about Jesus by showing us His world.
R.C. Sproul, Jr. - Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

History is first and foremost, His Story. Alas, these days it is rarely told as a Story, and even less as His. That is why I am so enthusiastic about this project. Pages of History is faithful both to our rich Christian story-telling tradition and to our providential God whose stories these are in the first place.
George Grant - Founder, New College Franklin

From a mysterious safe in a dusty library comes the gateway to a journey through history. What James and Lance thought would be a boring school project is astonishingly transformed into an adventure that will forever change their lives.

Perfect for family story time or individual study, Pages of History  transports the reader through the timeline of the world—providing aview of God’s work in every age.

In this exciting first volume, James and Lance travel from Creation through the Reformation. Their adventures in history will captivate readers young and old.

• Unapologetic Christian worldview
• Engaging approach to classical teaching
• Covers 96 major events and thousands of years of history in the format of a compelling story
• Hard cover, 448 pages

Here's just some of the positive feedback we've received from real moms ...

"My boys couldn't have more opposite personalities. If a book will hold both of my boys attention, then that is a blessing, and Pages Of History does." - Kris Camealy

"This is a fabulous story, and perfect for logic/middle grade students to read for themselves.  By taking historical events and presenting them through the adventures of James and Lance, the events come alive and will stick with your child." - Courtney Larson
"This series looks very promising and, frankly, it is just plain fun. I am especially pleased to see such a well-done narrative of history for the elementary age. Even my fifth-grader enjoyed whiz zing through it because the story was catchy and it reinforced some of his more in-depth studies. For fourth grade and under, this would be a great spine for the study of history." -  Heather Shanks

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