Special Offer for Individual Orders of Self-Paced
Omnibus and Self-Paced History Courses     

There's been much excitement over our soon-to-be-released
Self-Paced Omnibus and our already popular Self-Paced History courses! Many have asked...

"Why can't I get a discount even if I'm not part of a group?"

We listened - here is your opportunity to save!


From now until April 6th, $50 off any Self-Paced History courses


use code SAVEHIST


or $75 off the Self-Paced Omnibus I Primary course,

use code SAVEOMNI


Click HERE for sample lessons.



This offer ends on Saturday, April 6th.

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To learn more about Self-Paced History, click HERE.

For more about Self-Paced Omnibus I , click HERE.

Click HERE for sample Omnibus I lessons.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions:


Q: When will the Omnibus I Primary course be available?

A: July 1, 2013


Q: How long will my child have access to the course?

A: One year


Q: Can I defer the start of my program to a later date?

A: Yes! You can choose to start the Self-Paced History or Omnibus I Primary to as late as September 1, 2013.


Q: Can I combine this with sibling discounts?

A: Yes! For an additional child, add coupon code ONESIBLING to save an additional $100. For two additional children, use TWOSIBLINGS, etc.

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