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Feature Article


Magic and the Future of Film
by Michael Collender

My father was born in 1929, a few weeks after the stock market crash that began the Great Depression. His father, my grandfather, was laid off from his job, and like many American men of my grandfather’s generation, he worked hard at a variety of part-time jobs to keep food on the table.

However, there was one place where Americans could find solace and escape during the Depression—the movie theater.


Educational Helps

photo by Ashley Doyle

Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt

It’s easy to forget that the fourth of July isn’t just a holiday that features cookouts and fireworks. It is a celebration of the birth of America. So, while you’re celebrating, it doesn’t hurt to slip in a little history. Try putting together a trivia scavenger hunt at your Fourth of July picnic. Hand out a list of trivia questions related to Independence Day. Then, hide the answers to those questions throughout the house or yard. Write a clue on the back of each answer to help the kids find the next answer. Match the answers to each question. The first one to answer all of the questions wins.

Here are some sample questions:

  1. What year was the Declaration of Independence signed? (1776)
  2. In what city is the Liberty Bell located? (Philadelphia)
  3. Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence? (Thomas Jefferson)
  4. Fill in the blank “Life, Liberty, and ______” (the pursuit of happiness)
  5. How many stars were on the original American flag? (13)

And if you're interested in reading the Declaration of Independence together, check out the full transcript here and for younger kids, read this simplified version.

Student Piece


photo by Hannah Harrison

Speech: The Light of Truth in Classic Pagan Literature
by Elise Scrogham

Elise Scrogham chose to do a public speech for her final project in Omnibus II Primary with our teacher, Mrs. Andreades. Students were given the general direction to “record a speech in which a particular view of something is critiqued.” Elise chose to persuade her audience that Christians should read classic pagan literature. To hear (and view) the speech, please click here.

Free Offer


Free Sling Bag from Tukula

Tukula is a cause-driven business dedicated to empowering women to grow above poverty. Based in Lancaster, Pa., Tukula works with women in Uganda who earn a fair wage, work in an encouraging environment, receive medical care, and have access to savings programs. You can find out more at With each $200 order, you will receive a free sling bag handmade by these women. Supplies are limited and you must ask when placing your order. Simply type “Tukula” into the comments section when placing an order online. Patterns vary.



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