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Small Victories
by Tara Hyatt

A few months ago we reached out to Veritas moms with an opportunity to write this month’s feature. We gave them the topic, “Small Victories,” and let them write their own interpretation. Below is one of our favorites. Enjoy!

My life as a wife and homeschool mom is satisfying and tremendously rewarding, but as in every path of life, it comes with challenges and spiritual battles of its own. Satan loves to place lies inside my head: Each day may be new, but feels the same. Same schoolwork, same house. Same chores; dishes and clothes on an unending cycle. Will time ever move forward? Will anything I do ever matter?

When progress feels so slow as to be indecipherable, I pause to meditate on the fact that our God is a God Who fulfills His purposes through small victories accomplished by individuals. Our world began with just two people, one family. And again after the flood, man and every kind of land creature started over again with just one family. The descendants of Abraham eventually numbered more than the stars in the sky, but began with one promised son, Isaac. Joseph, a slave sitting in an Egyptian prison, eventually saved many thousands of lives by God’s grace and His plan. Moses, an Israelite babe floating in a river, rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter, followed God’s call and led His people to freedom. Joshua led God’s people to victory one city at a time to conquer the land of Canaan. Ruth chose to leave her home and family to become a child of God and entered into the lineage of Jesus. David flung a stone and defeated an army, the first of many victories in his life. This is only the beginning of the story of God’s working through history to restore His people to Himself.

The greatest gift God ever gave was one Man, born in the lowliest estate, a stable. He lived most of His life in relative obscurity, as a carpenter’s son, and spent three years traveling, speaking, and healing. Each miracle, each changed life a small victory for the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus died a sinner’s death to give us everlasting life. The news of this gift began with just a handful of followers, traveling from town to town, sharing the Good News as they tried to escape persecution. This is still how the Gospel is shared today. God controls the entire universe, but still loves each of us individually, and heaven rejoices over the small victory of each sinner who repents.

A week ago I took out my oldest son’s binder to record the date he started his newest drug and realized he has not been on an antibiotic for almost two years. A small victory, a small miracle to be thankful for. Jonas was born with a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis. A disease that relegates him to a lifetime of drugs and therapy. A disease that has dire statistics. A disease that thirty years ago was considered a childhood disease (because so few with the disease lived to adulthood), but now for the first time in history has more adults than children living with it. Over the years, one at a time, new drugs and therapies have been developed that have drastically changed the health, the quality of life, and the statistics of CFers. And over the years, one day at a time, Jonas’ diligence in taking his drugs, doing his therapies, and exercising have led to his amazing good health. Day by day, these small victories have given him a better chance for a healthier future.

And so it is also with homeschooling, I have come to learn. Each day hopefully has incremental progress, some days have setbacks, but eventually, headway is made. The boy who was just learning to read what seems only a few months ago is now memorizing multiplication tables; and the boy who is now learning to read and write will be in his place in a few years. What seems monotonous at this moment will become the foundation of the life of the eternal being God has placed in my care. Every day is important in the life of a homeschooling mom.

I try to remember what my true calling is as a mother, the command God has given me to teach His ways to my children. We start each day with a hymn and prayer. Sometimes I wonder if anything is being passed to my boys, but now and again God gives me glimpses into their hearts. On the way home from Thanksgiving at Grandpa’s, we drove through a thunderstorm that turned into a hailstorm, which was frightening to seven and five-year-old boys. Suddenly we drove out of the hail into a beautiful sunny day. Our five year old told us, “I was praying that God would stop the hail and He did.” I rejoice to see God working in our boys’ young lives, answering their prayers and strengthening their faith!

So as I live day to day, I try to ignore Satan’s lies that my life doesn’t matter and nothing I accomplish is worthwhile. I try to obey God’s calling on my life as a wife, a mother, and a teacher, and to complete my daily mundane tasks, knowing my Father in heaven looks with approval upon my diligence. I take a step back and look out upon the vista of the future and imagine what these small tasks will accomplish in twenty years. I pray God will use these everyday small victories to further His kingdom.

Tara grew up on a cattle ranch in South Dakota and attended a one-room schoolhouse until high school. After a stint as a graphic designer in Phoenix, AZ, she and her husband moved back to his home state of Nebraska to be closer to both families. Tara has been married to Tyson for 14 1/2 years and is mom and Christian classical teacher to seven-year-old Jonas and five-year-old Ethan.

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