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Q. I have realized that I wish I had enrolled my child in an online class. Is it possible to enroll them in the second semester?

A. Yes. We would love to have them! Our teachers are very gracious when working with children coming into a class in the second semester. You also will have access to the archives of the first semester to help catch up. Please call our service department for more information.

Q . Why the name change?

A. In 2017 Veritas Press will celebrate its 20th anniversary! Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that Veritas Press would be where it is today.

As we consider this anniversary, it's fun to reflect on the beginnings of Veritas Press, when it consisted of just a single set of Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Flashcards. We're humbled at how God has been at work in our lives, and we've come to recognize that Veritas Press is far more than we ever imagined it would be.

From the beginning, we have worked to publish the best classical education curriculum around, and as the years wore on, we evolved to become far more. Instead of just providing curriculum, we became an education provider as we added online courses and then diplomas through our accredited online school, Veritas Press Scholars Academy, and now we're hard at work on our Phonics Museum App that will revolutionize learning to read.

This year we want to give thanks to God for how He has transformed Veritas into far more than our initial plans and dreams. We're an organization that exists to help parents Prepare Children for Life, in whatever calling God has for their them. It's become important that we recognize this in our messaging, in our name, and in our logo. We are far more than just a "Press," a publisher; we are VERITAS.

 Please submit any questions you’d like answered here to info@veritaspress.com.

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