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Q. Is it permissible to copy, reduce, or enlarge images from the history or Bible cards and teacher's manuals in order to make games for our own family's use?  For example, I enlarged the image of the pottery on the Mycenaean Culture card for each child, cut it into pieces, and put questions from the teacher's manual on the back of each piece. The kids roll the dice, choose that numbered piece, answer the question, then see who can put the broken pottery back together first. Does this violate any copyright laws?

A. The purchaser may copy teacher's manuals for history and Bible and literature comprehension guides as needed for the purchaser's use. For example, if you purchase the homeschool manual for Explorers to 1815, you may make as many copies as you wish for your immediate family, or if you are with a school or church and purchase the school version, you may make as many copies as you wish for the institution and its direct use. (There is no separate school version for literature comprehension guides, so schools are permitted to copy as needed.) The Bible and history cards may not be copied to avoid purchasing additional sets. However, we are confident the purpose you described is not avoiding a purchase. So feel free to make copies for games, etc. As a general rule we provide what the details of the rights are that come with your purchase on the copyright page or in some conspicuous spot. When unsure you can always ask—the best way is by email to info@veritaspress.com.

Q. I have a second grader who is really struggling with learning all the new vocabulary and pronunciations associated with the history and Bible cards. Do I just keep drilling and drilling and hope he can absorb as much as possible, or is this an indication he is not ready for second grade work?

A. It is not unusual for second graders to struggle with the pronunciation (and some aspects of writing on the worksheets and tests, for that matter) on the history and Bible cards, particularly at the beginning of the year. Just keep plugging along, have your child sound out the words, and eventually it will click. In the long term this will make for a better reader. We actually expect the first couple months of second grade to require more hands-on by the teacher when dealing with some of these issues.

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