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June 2009

Feature Article


A Tribute to Mr. Detweiler


There are occasions where I am addressed by someone who should call me “Marlin” but call me “Mr. Detweiler.” Frequently, I’ll tell them, “Call me Marlin, Mr. Detweiler was my father.”


He was quite a man.


When he was young—around five or so—he fell down a flight of stairs. When the pain didn’t go away his parents took him to the doctor. The wonderful doctors at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia were the final consultation. They found that he had tuberculosis in his spine, which is apparently the most common way it affects the bone. With the spine in a weakened condition the doctors did a bone graft from his shin to his spine to deal with what I believe is now called Potts Disease. The results stabilized him but left him severely handicapped his entire life.


In his later years he defied the predictions and expectations of doctors with his continuing health due to a fairly careful diet and vitamin regimen. Yet, he only lived to be 66, as his physical condition finally caught up with him.


I have been quite active in sports all my life. First it was baseball, then basketball, soccer, and, of course, golf. As you can imagine, we had no opportunity to play together. There were so few times he saw me play, I can remember nearly every one. When I was 12 and playing baseball he would drive to the alley parallel to the third base line and watch a few innings from his car. I don’t believe he ever saw me play soccer or basketball in a high school game. Basketball would have been quite a challenge. Navigating a gym before the Americans with Disabilities Act was not easily done.


He would, however, ride with me in a golf cart a time or two a year to watch me play a round of golf. The only tournament I recall that he attended was one that I was fortunate enough to win. The golf course superintendent, Dwight Brubaker, took him around in his cart that weekend. It was wonderful sharing that experience with him.


He came from a family of four boys and one girl. I never met my aunt. She died before I was born. The family had some musical talent. He had an incredible bass voice. My wife still throws me the occasional elbow in church when we sing a song that she remembers him singing, recalling him boldly carrying the bass line with great range and volume.


He was an accountant by profession. His first venture was to start an accounting firm in Souderton, a small town about an hour north of Philadelphia. He left the practice to his brother to go to work for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), a mission arm of the Mennonite church that specializes in helping those affected by poverty, conflict, oppression, or natural disaster as a way of reaching them with the gospel.  He served as the treasurer of MCC until going back into public accounting—eventually joining back up with his same brother.


He was raised and remained in the Mennonite Church all his life. For my entire childhood he served as a deacon. Such a role was more like an assistant pastor, as the church had one pastor and one deacon, and they worked together very closely. He would fill the pulpit for the pastor from time to time. Consequently, I have fond memories of hearing him preach occasionally.


He is remembered fondly for many of the aforementioned reasons. However, he is remembered even more for the fact that he always had time for me or anyone who needed him. His insights and friendly demeanor made sitting and gleaning from his wisdom a delight that is hard to describe. And looking back, it wasn’t from his wealth of experience or vast exposure to many things of the world from which his wisdom originated. His physical handicap kept him from that. He was simply one who knew and applied God’s Word.


In his presence one got the feeling that they had his undivided attention and that they could talk to him about anything. He would really listen. He really cared about you. His study was a small windowless room in the center of the house, accessed only through the kitchen. His desk was frequently piled with papers of unfinished business or unattended mail and books on various topics. Yet there was a chair across from his desk that never had things stacked on it and was always available to sit in to talk to him.


His life was typified by giving. He had little when he died. My inheritance consisted of a beautiful mechanical wooden pencil, his walking cane (which now hangs by our family room fireplace), and his personal Bible which is both well-worn and well-marked. Yet the determination and drive he demonstrated and instilled in those around him is worth more to me than millions.


I miss my father. He was quite a man.


 As children we sometimes take much for granted. This Father’s Day let us not forget the tremendous blessing our fathers have been to us and let’s be sure to tell them.


Marlin Detweiler



Educational Helps


Father’s Day


By now I hope that you have read Marlin’s article about his father, probably because I am so close to the situation it was hard to keep a dry eye. His father was quite a man. The first time I met him, this city girl from Miami, Florida, coming to meet a rather conservative Mennonite in a rural community, I was rather nervous, but he put me quite at ease. He was, as Marlin said, a strong, but gentle character.


And I will always be my Daddy’s little girl! Although I am almost, yes almost fifty, I still feel a sparkle as I talk about my father. I know we all have a special place for our own father, but mine is definitely the best father in the world. There was never any doubt in my mind that I was precious to him. I often have thought about how I never told him this enough. As children we are so caught up in our own worlds that we just assume that our parents know that we love them. After Marlin’s father passed away at an early age, I realized one can never express this enough.


Click this link to download some cards that your children can make for Father’s Day. Try to make this a special day for the fathers in your life. What is his favorite thing to do? We started a tradition a few years ago that I think may last a life time. One day I hope to have grandchildren added to this mix.


If you have read epistula for any time now you know that Marlin LOVES to golf. Only one of our children plays competitively, but on Father’s Day we have made it a family tradition to all play golf with Dad. Marlin looks forward to this every year. I am grateful that my boys have been willing to make the effort to do this with their father and travel home from wherever they are to play.


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First prize - $100

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Third prize - $25


Have a wonderful summer and a terrific Father’s Day!



Laurie Detweiler



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Q. The Omnibus curriculum covers theology, history and literature. How do you keep grades for each of these disciplines?

 A. The curriculum was designed with this concern in mind. First, the books that are read are rated on a ten-point scale dividing the points over theology, history, and literature. For example, Genesis is rated 7 for theology, 2 for history and 1 for literature. On the Teacher’s CD-ROM is a fairly sophisticated computer worksheet file that uses these point values so that each graded exercise will be weighted and a grade will result in each discipline. There is a lot of additional complexity that we have taken out of the process with the worksheet that would be hard to explain here. Suffice it to say, it works. And for those who would rather not use the computer worksheet, we have provided a written form that can be used, too.


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