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December 2011


Feature Article


The Problem with Homeschooling


The title is not intended to suggest this article will be a critical rant about an educational approach. After all, a very large percentage of our business comes from the homeschooling community, and I am not one to bite the hand that feeds me. Rather, it is intended to recognize that, like every endeavor, there are strengths and weaknesses that can be addressed in order to help or improve things.


One strategy is to look for weaknesses and then look for ways to shore them up—even, sometimes, turning them into strengths. That is the approach taken here. It’s the weakest link theory. That is, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


Here at Veritas Press we have observed several links that we think are worth serious consideration in order to have them be strengthened. We have now interacted with tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of homeschooling folks, and we see some common themes—some of which seem problematic.


This article will focus on one of these weaknesses. It’s not necessarily the most important or significant one, but to us it is one of the most glaring.


It’s math.


I was very fortunate. Not only was I raised by a father who used math every day—he was an accountant—but he found it enjoyable and passed that joy on to me. Furthermore, the public school I attended had an incredible math department in grades 7 to 12. There were four math teachers, and I thought so highly of the teachers that three of them are currently doing work for Veritas Press. One of them has been intimately involved in our online school, helping to make sure that students are prepared for the math course for which they have registered. He has observed that there is a very high percentage of students who fail the entrance test for the course they register for. Calls to parents of these students have followed several themes.


Poor curriculum

There is no way to say this kindly. There are a number of math curricula in the marketplace that are, frankly, inadequate. At Veritas Press we find that parents sometimes make poor judgments about math curriculum and fall prey to using something because it is easy to use or can be completed by the student with little or no oversight, let alone teaching by the parents. It is not the case that because something has become popular, it is good. Nor is it the case that because the student may be doing well according to the standards of a particular math curriculum, that he is doing well by an independent and objective standard such as the Stanford tests.


Hard Work

Math is a discipline that comes quite easily for some gifted students. Given the chance, these students can routinely finish Calculus II in high school. But these are the gifted students—the top echelon.


It is our opinion that around 80% of the population, given a good base beginning as early as kindergarten, can complete Calculus in 12th grade. Without a good base the standard is a bit lower. But we must realize that math, maybe more than most other disciplines, is something that requires long, hard work. You can’t do math in half the time than what was given to it commonly in past settings. Anyone who says you can is either basing his thinking on the extremely gifted students or not understanding what effort is required for mastery in this discipline. There are no short cuts. Hard work is a necessary ingredient.


Underestimating Math’s Importance

Parents will sometimes simply say that math doesn’t matter. After all, is math really important, is it practical? Absolutely, it is.


Math’s importance at a very basic practical level includes understanding measurements for cooking. At a more sophisticated level is the math of finance. With the advent of financial calculators and a bit of proficiency at the Algebra II level, one can easily evaluate whether it would be cost effective to refinance a mortgage on a home, know if a car loan is reasonable, make buy-sell decisions for various assets, etc. The list is limitless.


And, speaking of limits, the student who has succeeded at Calculus will have an understanding of limits, and when you approach them mathematically, that will open up new ways of thinking, reasoning, and deducing. It will give them advantages that are the reason this whole education thing is so important in the first place.


I realize that math is something that many of us dislike. But there are lots of things that are good for us that many of us dislike, and we must simply accept that fact. A list might include vegetables, exercise, and going to bed at a reasonable hour. Yet we learn that personal discipline in these matters is important. Paul talks about the athlete who disciplines himself that he might win the prize. Sometimes we have to or should do things we don’t like—and that includes math. Be assured, we will all be the better for it. And from our own experience with thousands of students, we can attest that even students who have had a less than rigorous foundation in math can make up lost ground.




Marlin Detweiler



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Laurie Detweiler


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Q. This is not really a question, but more of a suggestion for other homeschoolers and teachers. After homeschooling for seven years, I found myself struggling with some of my methods for classical Christian education. I looked over on my bookshelf and saw Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning by Douglas Wilson. I decided to reread this, hoping it would motivate me like it had the first time. It did! Now I have decided to reread it every year. Hope this helps other people.

A.  What a great suggestion! We need to be reminded of why we are doing what we’re doing. The other thing that is great is that it helps you to see new things that you were not thinking about implementing.  To that same end, look for the upcoming release of an exciting new video project we have in progress.  We hope it will be used to encourage you and help others better understand this educational pursuit in which we are engaged. Thanks!


Q. I know I can’t fight it; my children will need to learn to type correctly soon.  What do you recommend?

A. Many homeschooling families have found great success with Mavis Beacon products or with a simple program called Type-it. The point is to have your children comfortable with a keyboard, because you are right; this is a skill we all need in the modern world.


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New Course Offerings for Second Semester

SAT Prep Course Coming in Spring Semester

Veritas Press is delighted to announce a semester-long course which will help your child prepare to take the SAT test. Taught by veteran teacher Cynthia Jackson, the SAT Reasoning Test is a measure of the critical thinking skills students need for academic success in college. The test is just one factor colleges look at when they consider student applications. The SAT Test Preparation course is a comprehensive review of the skills and techniques required to get the best performance results for this college entrance requirement. This course is ideally suited to upper secondary level students. The course begins January 24, 2012. Read more details and register here.


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Another new offering coming in the second semester is a math help course. This course will provide help for students in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry courses with their homework, test reviews, as well as post-test corrections. It is intended for students who would otherwise benefit from having a tutor or some other outside help beyond what can be offered in the regular class. The instructor will follow the syllabi of the Scholars’ Academy teachers, preparing students to deal with potentially troublesome concepts covered during the regular classes. Meeting Monday through Thursday evenings for forty-five minutes from 7:45—8:30 PM ET, the class will be limited to 20 students from these courses, so all will benefit from help on new concepts as well as review of old material. Questions will be answered on a rotational basis going from Pre-Algebra to Geometry. The goal is that all questions will be answered in the time limit per evening. This is a non-graded, non-credit course where attendance is on an as-needed basis. Click here to browse details and register.


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