2011 Summer Poetry Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners. Thank you to all that participated.


1st-3rd Grade Winner
Peter E. Rand - Nashville, TN

"The Highway"


       Busy, noisy long
     A concrete river winding
     On from sea to sea
4th-6th Grade Winner
Arwen Cockman - Boone, NC
"God is on the Prairie"

I know that God is on the prairie
Who else could make the canyon wide
I feel Him in the mustang's gallop
I see Him in the colt's new eyes
I hear Him under silver moonrise
in the wild coyote's cry
I know His love at break of morning
As under golden sun I ride

The Lord, He walks upon the wastelands
Through the deserts endless sands
He fills the wind and raging rivers
Rushing through the canyons grand
His sweet spirit moves beside me
Down this long pass where I ride
He writes His love above my campfire
A starlit span, and endless tide
7th-9th Grade Winner
Alexander Phillips - Rochester, MN
"An Epitaph"


  Here lies the hairdresser
Carla McPride,
Who, one day in August,
Just curled up and dyed.
10th-12th Grade Winner
Bliss Avra - Gainesville, GA
"The Resurrection of Spring"

She of spring and flower now the queen of hell.
She immortal dies, among the dead to dwell.
Lo is I, to watch her die in agonies,
Swallowed up, again the slave of mad Hades.

Listen to my wailings wander 'cross the snow,
Groaning in the barren trees for her below.
Her, my only joy and crown, has died again,
Persephone, my dearest, every autumn slain.

With tears of grief I wait in Eulisis my home,
For the calls of Hermes do I wait alone.
Through the wind I hear him calling, "Demeter!
Persephone is coming, will you here meet her?"

Through the melting snow and laughing birds I ran,
To a crevice in the earth, where hell meets land.
Persephone! Her eyes so full of tears of bliss,
Leapt into my arms, my hallow cheeks she kissed.

Arm and arm we wandered through the forest green.
Round her feet fresh flowers spring up into being.
Round us maidens rush to plow and sow and reap,
For my spring has come. Three months with her I keep.

Fair my daughter face! New life she brings to me!
I can now rejoice and work. My Spring is free!
In my heart I know she will but die in fall,
But for now I shall not think of then at all.